Jen is truly a passionate mentor to have and is deeply vested in guiding UX professionals. During our mentoring session, she provided clear guidance on how to navigate in the UX research space, and reinforced my potential to apply consumer psychology in the UX research domain.

Her advice — “Lead as much as you can, be innovative, push limits and educate people” struck a chord with me and have become my work ethics as I continue to support UX research for complex enterprise systems.
— UX Researcher, Adobe Magento

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Looking to get into the UX field and unsure of where to start? Want to learn how you can get in and how to negotiate successfully? Want to know tips and tricks for succeeding in industry, government, and consulting? Wondering if you should get a PhD? Have you almost completed your PhD and you are wondering what's next? Want tips on how to improve your resume and interview skills? Want to know what holes you have in your training that you should fill? Want to grow in your current role? These are just some of the types of things we can work on together! Sign up for a 15, 30, or 60-minute session or contact Jen RB to plan a 8, 12, or 16-week series.

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Jen taught me many things, such as how to successfully work with vendors and adjust their deliverable to be relevant to our roadmap. She has experience working as a vendor in the past, so helping me understand the process from an insider perspective was quite valuable. Jen also was a go-to resource for me to bounce ideas off of, and get feedback on my work. For example, I’ve done practice sessions with her where I presented my work, and her feedback was always very helpful and actionable. Aside from her professional skills, she was someone I trusted to talk about other non-research concerns I had, or to learn the lay of the land from a more experienced veteran. I’m grateful that I had an opportunity to work with Jen, and hope to continue to seek her counsel in the future.
— UX Researcher, Facebook
After we work together, you will feel as happy as a puppy running through tall grass on a sunny day.  -Jen RB

After we work together, you will feel as happy as a puppy running through tall grass on a sunny day. -Jen RB