User Experience (UX)

Usability Session

In UX research, we learn:

  • How the end user interacts with your website, survey or product
  • If people can find information on your website
  • How long it takes users to accomplish thier goals on your site
  • How much effort it takes users to find information
  • If people are satisfied when using your site
  • What motivates people to click, read, make decisions and stay on your site
  • If all users, including older adults, people with disabilities, and people using alternative technologies (like smartphones) can use your site
  • How to improve your website, survey or product.

Non-Invasive Eye Tracking

Healthy Aging

Using non-invasive eye tracking in UX research, we can learn:

  • What users look at on your website
  • What users do not look at
  • If elements are distracting
  • What attracts users' attention
  • If users see something and ignore it
  • How long it takes users to see something
  • How many times users look at elements
  • The best placement for objects
  • If the site encourages efficient search strategy.